I don’t know why love exists, it’s quite stupid anyway bc al that really happens is heart break, especially when you’re this young. We had our entire lives set up and ready, and yeah. I just I don’t know. I hate everything pretty much, and it’s because of you. You make me feel this way. Everybody’s telling me that I should stop basing my life around you, but that’s all I knew how to do, for a straight executive year. And a year is a pretty damn long time for me. AND for you, as far as we’re both concerned, our relationship was our longest. And idk idek why I’m writing about this, I’m just hurt, because you’re not talking to me. Once again. 

why am i not going to unlv why am i going to this dumbass school, like i honestly just want to get away from you it’s not even funny.

ugh i jus want to talk to you and see you and be there for you but no noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Hello all. I haven’t been on bc family issues and no wifi but I think the place I’m staying at has wifi so pray for me

The reason why I don’t think you care is because it’s how you make it seem. You just make it seem like you’re annoyed with me or something. I literally have panic attacks thinking about it. I just wish one day you’d tell me you care about me. But you won’t and this is why I’m here. This is why I’m hurt. I hate waiting around for you to text me……. Idk